Nov/1/2021 2nd Business Seminar Enrollment is open
Agri-food business online meeting 10,2021
Period Jan/12 to 14/2021 20:00 PM (Brasilia Time)
Preliminary day: Jan/19~21/2021
Target company Japanese Companies in the Agricultural and Food Industries interested in doing Business with Latin America
We conduct business conversations online Japanese growers in Latin America. We are waiting for requests from Companies interested in doing Business in the Agricultural and Food Field in Latin America
Oct/29/2021 1st Business Seminar between Japanese companies and Nikkei farmers
Aug/2/2021 Negotiation Platform with Latin America
Jul/13/2021 1st Meeting for Nikkei Farmers to Strengthening the Cooperation
Jun/30/2021 1st Regional Cooperation Conference of Latin America
April/9/2021 The project 2021-22 started [SummaryPamphlet]

Project 2021-22

Business Platform with Latin America

What is the “Project of Interchange, Cooperation and Business Creation for Nikkei Farmers of Latin America”?


The program aims to strengthen the cooperation between Japan and Latin America in the area of agriculture and food, also to foment food industry of Japan in Latin America, by trainings for human resource development of Nikkei farmers from 5 countries of Latin America and meeting to create business chances with Japanese companies.

Project Implementation Report

Organization Introduction Video


We have produced a video introducing the 12 organizations to help you learn more about Nikkei farmers and organizations in Latin America.
Please take a look at agriculture and the Nikkei community in Latin America.
Furthermore, We would like Japanese companies to take a look at Nikkei farmers and organizations in Latin America, then use it as a material to consider business development.

Agriculture Gallery in Latin America


You can view photos and videos of agriculture in Latin America by selecting a category such as country, agricultural product, theme, or organization.
We hope that people who are interested in Latin American agriculture and Japanese companies that are seeking to expand into Latin America will take a look at this website and use it as a tool to learn about the situation of agriculture in Latin America and find out the needs of the local people that will lead to business.

Network of Latin American Nikkei Agricultural Organizations


Data Bases of Latin American Nikkei Agricultural Organizations

Latin America has a Nikkei Society of more than 2 million people. The other side of the earth is too far, but the society that inherit the same Japanese culture should be a good partner. Recently, Japanese companies expected a new possibility of overseas market in Latin America.
In this project, we’ll work to create business and cooperation among Japanese Companies and Nikkei Farmers.

Here, we make a data base of Nikkei Agricultural Entities’ Profile for Japanese Companies that have interests in doing a business with these entities. You can check for more details at the complete version. Also, you can open the profile page by clicking on the Entity’s name.

Country Province City Name of the group Products (Activities) Business desire Page Category
Brasil Pará Tomé-Açu ①Cooperativa Agrícola Mista de Tomé-Açu(CAMTA) Acai, Acerola, Cacao, Cupuas, Pepper Certification, Storage, Processing, Quality control, Packaging 1 Fruits,Certification,Storage,Processing,Quality control,Packaging
Brasil Pará Medicilândia ②Cooperativa Agroindustrial da Transamazônica(COOPATRANS) Cacao Exportation, Agricultural materials, Precision agriculture 3 Cacao,Exportation,Agricultural materials,Precision agriculture
Brasil Pará Santa Izabel do Pará ③Sindicato dos Produtores Rurais de Santa Izabel do Pará e Santo Antônio do Tauá(SINPRIZ) Poultry farming, Eggs, Banana, Acai, Dende palm Exportation, Agricultural machines, Precision agriculture 5 Meat,Eggs,Fruits,Exportation,Agricultural machines,Precision agriculture
Brasil Pernambuco Petrolina ④Cooperativa Agrícola Nova Aliança(COANA) Grape Exportation 7 Fruits,Exportation
Brasil Minas Gerais Turvolândia ⑤Cooperativa Agrícola Sul de Minas(CASM) Plum, Atemoya, Avocado, Dekopon, Dragon fruit, Persimmon Fertilizer, Seedlings and seeds, Agricultural machines 9 Fruits,Fertilizer,Seedlings and seeds,Agricultural machines
Brasil Minas Gerais São Gotardo ⑥Cooperativa de Agronegócios do Cerrado Brasileiro Ltda(Coopacer) Garlic, Carrot, Soybean, Avocado, Coffee Quality control 11 VegetablesGrains,Quality control
Brasil Minas Gerais São Gotardo ⑦Conselho da Região de São Gotardo(CRSG) Carrot, Avocado, Garlic, Potato Packaging 13 VegetablesFruits,Packaging
Brasil Minas Gerais São Gotardo ⑧Cooperativa Agropecuária do Alto Paranaiba(COOPADAP) Carrot, Garlic, Corn, Soybean, Coffee 15 Vegetables,Grains,Coffee,Not selected
Brasil Mato Grosso do Sul Campo Grande ⑨Cooperativa Agrícola Mista da Várzea Alegre(CAMVA) Eggs, Quail eggs, Lemon, Dragon fruit Traceability, Marketing, Precision agriculture 17 Eggs,Traceability,Marketing,Precision agriculture
Brasil Mato Grosso do Sul Naviraí ⑩Cooperativa Agrícola Sul MatoGrossense(Copasul) Soybean, Corn, Cassava, Cotton Quality control, Environmental measures, Precision agriculture 19 Grains,Cotton,Quality control,Environmental measures,Precision agriculture
Brasil São Paulo Ibiúna ⑪Cooperativa Agropecuária de Ibiúna(CAISP) Vegetables(Leaf lettuce, Kale, Chinese cabbage, Lettuce, Cabbage) Packaging, Quality control 21 Vegetables,Packaging,Quality control
Brasil São Paulo Mogi das Cruzes ⑫Sindicato Rural de Mogi das Cruzes(SRMC) Lettuce, Mashroom, Persimmon, Orchido, Atemoya Agricultural materials, Soil, Seedlings and seeds 23 Vegetables,Fruits,Agricultural materials,Soil,Seedlings and seeds
Brasil São Paulo São Paulo ⑬Cooperativa Agrícola Sul Brasil da Grande São Paulo(CSBGSP) Persimmon, Plum, Tomato, Green pepper, Leafy Vegetables Processing, Seedings and seeds 25 Vegetables,Fruits,Processing,Seedlings and seeds
Brasil São Paulo Pilar do Sul ⑭Cooperativa Agroindustrial APPC / Associação Paulista Produtores de Caqui(APPC) Grape, Dekopon, Atemoya, Persimmon Seedlings and seeds, Processing, Soil 27 Fruits,Seedlings and seeds,Processing,Soil
Brasil São Paulo Pilar do Sul ⑮Cooperativa Agrícola Sulbrasil Pilar do Sul Grape, Atemoya, Persimmon, Vegetables Packaging, Processing, Agricultural materials 29 Vegetables,Fruits,Packaging,Processing,Agricultural materials
Brasil São Paulo São Miguel do Arcanjo ⑯Cooperativa Agrícola Sul Brasil de São Miguel Arcanjo(CASBSMA) Grape, Loquat, Persimmon, Vegetables (House cultivation), Stone fruits (Peach etc) Seedlings and seeds, Agricultural materials, Pesticides 31 Vegetables,Fruits,Seedlings and seeds,Agricultural materials,Pesticides
Brasil São Paulo Registro ⑰Associaçao Cultural Nipo-Brasilera de Registro Tea and Green tea, Sticky rice, Rush, Jussara pulp Seedlings and seeds, Processing, Others 33 Fruits,Grains,Tea,Seedlings and seeds,Processing,Others
Brasil São Paulo Capão Bonito ⑱Cooperativa Agrícola de Capão Bonito(CACB) Soybean, Corn, Wheat, Feijão bean, Potato, Lemon, Persimmon, Apple, Grape Exportation 35 Fruits,Grains,Exportation
Brasil São Paulo Guatapará ⑲Cooperativa Agrícola de Guatapará(COAG) Eggs, Poultry feed Packaging, Agricultural machines, Cleaning, Precision agriculture 37 Grains Eggs Packaging Agricultural machines Cleaning Precision agriculture
Brasil São Paulo Guatapará ⑳Instituto de Pesquisa Técnicas e Difusão Agropecuária da JATAK(IPTDA-JATAK) Soybean, Eggs, Lychee, Dragon fruit, Vegetables Pests, Soil, Precision agriculture 39 Vegetables,Fruits,Grains,Pests,Soil,Precision agriculture
Brasil São Paulo Bastos ㉑Associação dos Produtores de Ovos de Bastos e Região(APROBARE) Eggs, Beef cattle, Honey, Sugar cane, Avocado, Eucalyptus/ Mahogany Marketing, Quality control, Certification 41 Fruits,Eggs,Meat,Lumber,Marketing,Quality control,Certification
Brasil São Paulo Mirandópolis ㉒Associação Comunidade Yuba(Yuba) Guava, Mango, Okura, Shiitake, Pumpkin Exportation, Processing, Agricultural machines 43 Vegetables,Fruits,Exportation,Processing,Agricultural machines
Brasil São Paulo São Paulo ㉓Associação Dos Departamentos De Senhoras Cooperativistas(ADESC) Processing of agricultural products, Sale 45 Not selected
Brasil Paraná Castro ㉔Cooperativa Agrícola União Castrense(UNICASTRO) Soybean, Corn, Wheat, Potato, Mashroom Precision agriculture 47 Grains,Mashrooms,Precision agriculture
Brasil Paraná Ponta Grossa ㉕Cooperativa Agrícola Pontagrossense(Cooperponta) Soybean, Corn, Wheat, Oats, Feijão bean Seedlings and seeds 49 Grains,Seedlings and seeds
Brasil Paraná Londrina ㉖Integrada Cooperativa Agroindustrial(Integrada) Soybean, Corn, Wheat, Coffee, Orange Exportation 51 Grains,Coffee,Fruits,Exportation
Brasil Paraná Bituruna ㉗Abem – Associação Biturunense da Erva Mate(ABEM) Mate tea Exportation 53 Tea,Exportation
Brasil Santa Catarina São Joaquim ㉘Cooperativa Agrícola de São Joaquim(SANJO) Apple, Blueberry, Grape, Feijoa Exportation, Selection/ Standardization, Seedlings and seeds 55 Fruits,Exportation,Selection/ Standardization,Seedlings and seeds
Brasil Santa Catarina Frei Rogério ㉙União Regional dos Produtores de Fruta(UNIFRUTA) Garlic, Pear, Soybean, Peach, Corn 57 Vegetables,Fruits,Grains,Not selected
Argentina Misiones Jardin America ㉚Cooperativa Yerbatera de Jardin América Ltda. Mate tea, Cassava, Cucumber, Baby corn, Papaya Exportation, Soil 59 Vegetables,Grains,Tea,Soil,Exportation
Argentina Buenos Aires La Plata ㉛Cooperativa de Productores de Flores y Plantas Mercoflor(Mercoflor) Cut flowers, Potted plants Pests, Selection/ Standardization, Agricultural materials 61 Flowers,Pests,Selection/ Standardization,Agricultural materials
Argentina Buenos Aires La Plata ㉜Establecimientos Cooperativos Floricolas(Ecoflor) Cut flowers, Potted plants, Seedling Agricultural materials 63 Flowers,Agricultural materials
Paraguay Amambay Pedro Juan Caballero ㉝Cooperativa Amambay Agricola Soybean, Corn 65 Grains,Not selected
Paraguay Itapúa La Paz ㉞Cooperativa La Paz Agrícola Soybean, Wheat, Corn, Sunflower 67 Grains,Not selected
Paraguay Itapúa Pirapo ㉟Cooperativa Pirapó Agrícola(Pirapó) Soybean, Wheat, Rapeseed, Corn, Sorghum Precision agriculture, Fertilizer 69 Grains,Precision agriculture,Fertilizer
Paraguay Paraguarí La Colmena ㊱Cooperativa Agro-Industrial Colmena Asuncena(CAICA) Tomato, Green pepper, Lemon, Melon, Grape Others 71 Vegetables,Fruits,Others
Paraguay Alto Paraná Iguazu ㊲Cooperativa Yguazu Agricola(Yguazu) Soybean, Corn, Wheat, Macadamia nuts, Beef cattle Exportation, Marketing, Processing 73 Grains,Meat,Nuts,Exportation,Marketing,Processing
Paraguay Alto Paraná Iguazu ㊳Fundación Nikkei CETAPAR(CETAPAR) Experimental production, Genetic improvement Certification 75 Certification
Paraguay Asunción Fernando de la Mora ㊴Central Cooperativa Nikkei Agricola(Chuokai) Administrative Procedures for Agricultural Cooperatives, Financing, Cooperative Education, CETAPAR Administration 77 Not selected
Bolivia Santa Cruz Okinawa ㊵Cooperativa Agropecuaria Integral Colonias Okinawa(CAICO) Soybean, Wheat, Rice, Corn, Sorghum Soil, Exportation 79 Grains,Meat,Soil,Exportation
Bolivia Santa Cruz San Juan ㊶Cooperatriva Agropecuaria Integral San Juan de Yapacani(CAISY) Eggs, Rice, Soybean, Corn, Macadamia nuts Agricultural machines, Fodder, Processing, Marketing 81 Grains,Eggs,Nuts,Agricultural machines,Fodder,Processing Marketing
Peru Lima Huaral ㊷Asociación de Productores Agropecuarios de Esquivel(APAE) Fodder corn, Garlic, Carrot, Sweet potato, Artichoke Irrigation, Freshness retention, Agricultural materials and tools 83 Vegetables,Grains,Irrigation,Freshness retention,Agricultural materials,Agricultural tools
Peru Lima Cañete ㊸Asociacion Peruano Japonesa de Cañete(APJ Cañete) Grape, Mandarin orange, Asparagus, Blueberry Exportation, Agricultural machines, Cleaning 85 Vegetables,Fruits,Exportation,Agricultural machines,Cleaning
Colombia Valle del Cauca Cali ㊹Sociedad de Comercialización Internacional Fruit Andes S.A.S.(Fruit Andes) Gulupa (Passion fruit), Pinapple, Lotus, Avocado Soil, Freshness retention, Precision agriculture 87 Vegetables,Fruits,Soil,Freshness retention,Precision agriculture
Mexico Chiapas Acacoyagua ㊺Impulso Agroalimentario Sustentable SPR de R.I.(iAgroS) Mango, Rambutan, Mangosteen, Coffee, Cacao Processing, Freshness retention, Exportation 89 Fruits,Coffee,Cacao,Processing,Freshness retention,Exportation